Oak Mantel Beams

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We use reclaimed air dried oak and jarrah timber, primarily redundant hardwood railway sleepers. Not to be confused with our UK softwood sleepers which weep creosote when warm

Reclaimed Sleeper Timber with extreme features

Jarabosky oak & jarrah fireplace beams, mantel shelves and floating beams have become some of our most popular products. These fabulous aged timbers create a stunning effect, contributing identity and warmth to any room.

Oak railway sleeper with corbals supports     Reclaimed railway sleeper beam for a fire place

Our oak or jarrah mantelpieces are often supported by attractive wooden brackets known as corbels. These are made to order with countersunk holes for bolted fixings, with oak grain plugs to conceal them. The plugs are left protruding slightly as a feature and are priced at £75.00 per pair inc vat

French Oak Beam with Corbal Supports         Mantle003

Our flexible approach allow us scope to create a large variety of styles and features, which are tailored to your designs or requirements.
We cater for any needs, from the traditionally worn and rustic to the sleek and modern.

Arched oak mantel fire place beam

Choose from a planed and sanded smooth finish or heavy features with knots and splits to add character.  Or maybe you require something in between.
Mantels are finished either with a lacquer (satin-semi sheen), Danish Oil (matt-no shine) or wax (can be left dull or buffed for a shine).

Oak railway sleeper fire place beam          Oak mantel beam to cover a radiator

A  floating fireplace mantel is one that anchors to the wall and does not have any vertical supports but fitted with a pair of 25mm threaded bars or keyhole fitting in the rear at an extra cost of £25.50 per pair inc vat.

As these are a natural product there is no guarantee in timber movement.

To see more sleepers turned into beautiful bespoke furniture railway sleeper furniture www.jarabosky.co.uk