New Railway Sleepers


New timber will have natural defects as it was once a tree! Please take this into consideration before purchasing. Lengths may vary slightly

 All sizes are approximate to a varying degree. If specific sizes are required you will need to enquire

New Tanalised Natural/Green Softwood Sleeper 

A natural coloured softwood that will achieve an attractive silver grey finish with the bleaching effect of the sun.

Very light and easy to handle.

Dimensions: 2.4m x 195 x 95mm (7′ 10″x 7.5” x 3.7”) £23.50 + vat
Purchase over 10 £23.00 + vat
Purchase over 20 £22.50 + vat
Pack of 50 £1080.00 + vat

tanalised new sleepers - nat

New Tanalised BROWN  softwood sleeper

Excellent quality, true measurement.

Dimensions: 2.4m x 200 x 100mm (7′ 10″x 7.5” x 3.7”) £23.50 + vat
Purchase over 10 £23.00 + vat
Purchase over 20 £22.50 + vat

brown tanalised


New Tanalised Quality German Spruce Softwood Sleeper 

Superb excellant quality  sleeper to use everywhere.

Dimensions: Green  Spruce 2.4m x 195mm x 95mm (7′ 10″x 8” x 4”)  £25.00 + vat
Purchase over 20 £24.00 + vat

german spruce green

New Larger Tanalised Natural/Green Softwood Sleeper 

Same section as an original railway sleeper. Nice & Chunky.

Dimensions: 2.4m x 240mm x 120mm (7′ 10″x 10” x 5”) £32.95 + vat
Purchase over 20 £31.95 + vat

larger tanalised softwoods

New Untreated French Oak Boards 

Naturally long lasting, , new untreated boards for almost any garden use.

Dimensions:  2.6m x 220mm x 63mm (8’6″ x 9″ x  2.5”) £22.50 + vat

Great  for children’s play areas, flower , vegetable patches & borders.  Making planters.

New Untreated French Oak sleeper – irregular cut ends

Dimensions: 2m x 200mm x 100mm( 6.5′ x 8″ x 4″) £24.00 + Vat

Great economical rustic hardwood sleeper for the garden.

oak irregular ends

New Untreated Canadian Oak sleeper

Naturally long lasting, untreated, new sleeper for almost any garden use. Great  for children’s play areas, flower & vegetable patches & patio’s.

Dimensions: 2.5m x 205mm x 100mm (8’2” x 8” x 4”) £32.00 + Vat

New Canadian Oak