New Railway Sleepers


New timber will have natural defects as it was once a tree! Please take this into consideration before purchasing. Lengths may vary slightly

 All sizes are approximate to a varying degree. If specific sizes are required you will need to enquire

To see  sleepers turned into beautiful bespoke furniture  railway sleeper furniture

New English Oak  6″ (150mm)  SQ – LIMITED

3m (9′ 9″) & 2.6m (8’6″) lengths from £75.00 + vat

£5.00 + vat extra if you wish to sort


New Tanalised Natural/Green Softwood Sleeper 

A natural coloured softwood that will achieve an attractive silver grey finish with the bleaching effect of the sun.

Very light and easy to handle.

Dimensions: 2.4m x 200 x 100mm (7′ 10″x 8” x 4”) £23.00+ vat
Purchase over 10 £22.50 + vat
Purchase over 20 £22.00 + vat
Pack of 50 £1080.00 + vat

tanalised new sleepers - nat

New Tanalised BROWN  softwood sleeper

Excellent quality, true measurement.

Dimensions: 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm (7′ 10″x 8” x 4”) £23.00 + vat
Purchase over 10 £22.50 + vat
Purchase over 20 £22.00 + vat

brown tanalised


New Tanalised Quality German Spruce Softwood Sleeper 

Superb excellant quality  sleeper to use everywhere.

Dimensions: Green  Spruce 2.4m x 195mm x 95mm (7′ 10″x 8” x 4”)  £25.00 + vat
Purchase over 20 £24.00 + vat

german spruce green

New Larger Tanalised Natural/Green Softwood Sleeper 

Same section as an original railway sleeper. Nice & Chunky.

Dimensions: 2.4m x 240mm x 120mm (7′ 10″x 10” x 5”) £32.95 + vat
Purchase over 20 £31.95 + vat

larger tanalised softwoods

New Untreated French Oak Boards  BACK IN STOCK END SEPT .

Naturally long lasting, , new untreated boards for almost any garden use.

Dimensions:  2.6m x 220mm x 63mm (8’6″ x 9″ x  2.5”)

Great  for children’s play areas, flower , vegetable patches & borders.  Making planters.

New Untreated Canadian Oak sleeper 

Naturally long lasting, untreated, new sleeper for almost any garden use. Great  for children’s play areas, flower & vegetable patches & patio’s.

Dimensions: 2.5m x 205mm x 100mm (8’2” x 8” x 4”) £32.00 + vat

New Canadian Oak