New Railway Sleepers

New Untreated Oak sleeper   

Naturally long lasting, untreated, new sleeper for almost any garden use.

Dimensions: 2.49m x 205mm x 100mm (8’2” x 8” x 4”) £25.00 + Vat

Great  for children’s play areas, flower & vegetable patches & patio’s.


New Tanalised Softwood Sleeper

A natural coloured  softwood that will achieve an attractive silver grey finish with the bleaching effect of the sun.

Very light & easy to handle.

Dimensions: 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm (8’ x 8” x 4”) £16.50 + Vat                           Purchase over 10 £16.00 + VAT                                                                                                    Purchase over 20 £15.50 + VAT

Great for contemporary gardens and play areas


A brown coloured softwood with a more mature look. Very light & easy to handle. OUT OF STOCK BACK SOON

Dimensions: 2.4m x 200mm x 100mm (8’ x 8” x 4”) £17.00 + Vat                                    Purchase over 10 £16.50 + Vat                                                                                                                       Purchase over 20 £16.00 + Vat

Great for flower beds, water features and raised planters. Idea for a clean modern look.